Insignia Partners helps mission-driven organizations get better at changing the world for good, by holistically improving the three key drivers of their teams’ performance: strategy, talent and culture, and stakeholder engagement.

Strategy Aligned to Results

  • Strategic Planning
  • School Quality Assessment
  • Organizational and Program Design and Evaluation
  • Strategy Review
  • Implementation Planning

Talent and Culture

  • Leadership & Executive Coaching
  • Retreat & Meeting Facilitation
  • Team Assessment & Team Building
  • Culture Assessment & Analysis
  • Organizational Values
  • Best Practices in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Multi-Prong Community & Public Engagement Processes
  • Taskforce/Advisory Group Design & Facilitation 
  • Large-Scale Public Meeting Design and Execution
  • Community Feedback Gathering, Analysis, and Dissemination
  • Shared Visioning and Goal-Setting

Strategy Aligned to Results

As an organization, your purpose is clear.* Now it’s time for your stakeholders to find their place in bringing your mission and vision to life.

Whether we’re developing a strategic plan, business plan, operational plan, or fundraising plan, people are at the center of our strategy work. Our approach artfully integrates diverse perspectives to ensure a wide variety of stakeholders contribute meaningfully to the process and embrace your new priorities. And to ensure the plan gets implemented (rather than gathering dust on a shelf), we deliver a focused set of core strategies that are directly connected to action.

As a result, the people who drive your purpose are motivated to move forward in the same direction, and understand how their day-to-day helps achieve your intended results — maximizing your efficiency and impact.

*Or, maybe it’s not. We’d love to help you develop or refocus your mission and vision.

Talent and Culture

At Insignia Partners, we truly believe that a small group of people can change the world for the better. That’s why we love helping mission-driven organizations realize the potential of their most important investment: their investment in people.

Our leadership work helps new, emerging, and seasoned leaders reach their potential as a catalyst for their organization’s overall impact. We coach leaders one-on-one and in small-group settings to help them identify their leadership style, strengthen their skills, address blind spots, and improve relationships with direct reports, peers, and their own managers. As a result, leaders transform their ability to build, grow, and develop high-performing teams.

With plenty of cross-over with our leadership work, our support for teams encompasses every aspect of development. Facilitated in fun and engaging ways that also challenge teams to explore deeply, our team-development work helps colleagues understand and appreciate differences, align around shared goals, work together more efficiently, and celebrate more wins.

Insignia Partners guides leaders and teams through the process of cultivating an intentional organizational culture — one that has a profound influence on the decisions, behaviors, and interactions that drive your team’s daily accomplishments. As a result, teams reduce the daily conflicts and confusion that arise when values and desired behaviors are unclear, and move forward in better sync toward achieving their shared goals.

Stakeholder Engagement

Leaders are a step ahead when they realize that their teams aren’t made up solely of employees. Your organization’s ability to drive change depends upon board and committee members, volunteers, advisors, community members, and many other stakeholders. Insignia Partners is adept at facilitating stakeholder-engagement and public processes, from complex city-wide change initiatives to focus groups. 

Most recently, we’re proud to have been chosen to lead two critically important processes for the City of Denver, Colo.: helping the city lead the nation in its work on climate change as well as in composting and recycling. These processes include co-facilitating a richly diverse task force charged with developing mayoral recommendations, as well as a wide array of public-engagement processes including affinity groups, focus groups, and community meetings.

Our deep experience in the education, non-profit, and public sectors positions Insignia Partners to hit the ground running — preparing for the stakeholder dynamics that are unique to these processes, masterfully designing facilitation and engagement approaches, and responding quickly and effectively to questions, concerns, and issues as they arise.

What our Clients Say

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"Insignia Partners did a masterful job leading our board through a strategic planning exercise. They balanced our need for flexibility with our desire to achieve ambitious goals in a short period. They expertly managed a diverse array of voices and opinions in a way that resulted in a clear set of strategies that will accelerate the impact of our organization."
Van Schoales
Chief Executive Officer, A+ Denver
"I really enjoy working with the Insignia Partners team. They consistently produce high-quality work, and are a pleasure to work with. They know the education reform space, and therefore provide thoughtful guidance. I expect to work with them again and again."
Eric Paisner
Chief of Staff, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools
"Insignia Partners is the hottest strategy planning team in the country. And they’re damn funny too!"
Caroline Roemer Shirley
Executive Director, Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools
"Insignia partners have been critical in supporting Bluum’s efforts in Idaho to manage our $17.1 million federal Charter School Program (CSP) grant. As one of the country’s first non-profit organizations to receive federal CSP funding the stakes for our work are very high, and our efforts to help open, expand and replicate public charter schools faces scrutiny. I sleep better at night because I know Insignia Partners have worked closely with us to build our processes, procedures and play book for managing the responsibility of directing and overseeing a significant federal grant. Their support and expertise have been critical to our efforts. I would highly recommend them to others working in the public charter school space. They are true pros."
Terry Ryan
CEO, Bluum
"Thank you so much for your support throughout this amazing process. You accommodated, synthesized, and listened to our ideas so gracefully and thoroughly. As Council members stated, you worked miracles, especially when it counted in the end. We couldn’t have done it without you."
Sebastian Andrews
Youth Advocate
"Insignia Partners responded to an RFP with thoughtful and detailed ideas. Once they were chosen for the project, we found them to be responsive, flexible, and timely. We were very pleased with their report and it has provided the backbone for our funding strategy. I look forward to working with Marisol again in the future."
Elise Eplan
Facilitator, The Education Philanthropic Collaborative Fund
"Insignia Partners goes above and beyond their call of duty. Their working style is such that we were not only confident in their strategic planning work, but we were even more confident in their dedication to the mission of MCSA and the sincere concern they showed for Mississippi’s unique political environment."
Erika Berry
Executive Director, Mississippi Charter Schools Association
"Insignia Partners helped identify and convene key stakeholders in our region and use their input to craft a program start-up plan. Their connections, expertise, and execution were vital to getting our program off to a great start."
Gregory Handel
Senior Director, Detroit Regional Chamber
"Please know that today's session for DEA's leadership team was one of the most productive we've had in a while. The level of discussion and engagement helped shape the thoughts, and hopefully, meaningful actions for immediate practice. You and Lisa kept the momentum going"
Sylvia Green
School Leaders, David Ellis Academy
"Thank you again for what you did for AAE and how you did it. You were patient, confident, helpful, and supportive, but you also coaxed and lovingly nudged us through a comprehensive and involved process that on our own we wouldn’t have been able to do. It was a very pleasant experience and left us better suited to overcome the challenges and maximize the opportunities ahead."
Colin Sharkey
Executive Vice President, Association of American Educators
"Our new organization needed the steady direction of Insignia Partners to help turn our thoughts and ideas into a strategic plan. Marisol guided us through the process, which allowed us to be true to our objectives as an organization. They were always available, and we are grateful for their guidance and professionalism."
Julie Collier
Founder and Executive Director, Parents Advocate League
"We could not have been more pleased with our partnership with Insignia Partners. They were able to form relationships and analyze both data and people to help us, as funders, know which levers to pull and areas to invest. They make this work, which is difficult in nature, interesting, fun, and real. We look forward to partnering with them again and would recommend them to all."
Noah Devine
Director of Educational Investments, School Smart Kansas City
"Marisol has been the facilitator, partner and coach I needed to move several challenging projects and situations forward. She doesn’t always tell me what I want to hear, but she always tells me what I NEED to hear."
Greg Richmond
President, National Association of Charter School Authorizers
"Marisol was an incredible facilitator. We had a group who came in mad at each other and entrenched in their opposition. It was contentious, but Marisol navigated it deftly and with humor. She helped everyone at the table to see each other as people, not positions, and helped the group navigate a complete change in plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic hitting right in the middle of our task force meetings. She kept everyone motivated, on task, and moving forward with a very tight timeline, and got the group to 100% consensus at the end. Marisol is amazing, and we could not have done it without her!"
Jolon Clark
President of Denver City Council
"I feel like you hit it out of the park with Insignia Partners. Those ladies were amazing. They brought out all of our best qualities."
Alicia Jenkins
Principal, Summit Academy North Middle School
"Thank you for everything you did to get us from a first meeting where we didn’t know each other and were leery of where everyone stood to today where we are actually sad that it’s over. Don’t know how we get to this place without your work."
Kathie A. Barstnar
Executive Director | NAIOP Colorado - Climate Action Task Force Member
"I just wanted to thank Insignia Partners for their hard work on this! It turned out really great! I’m excited and looking forward to the excellence this will bring to Trillium as well as rolling up our sleeves and getting the work done! I feel like the time and energy put forth has already had a positive impact on the school and the task work hasn’t even happened yet!"
Angela Romanowski
Superintendent, Trillium Academy
"I am speechless. Honestly, I have never participated in as deep or meaningful, complex, unwieldy but completely authentic conversation. And to think it was not face to face. It will stay with me for a long time. I hope it does linger because there were so many layers it will take time for me to learn all there was to learn. "
Parry Burnap
Community Member
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