Strategic Work

strategic planning

Strategic planning, operational planning, business planning, metrics tracking. To us, it doesn’t matter what you call it or how the final product needs to be presented. We’ve worked with organizations across the country to define the strategies that bring their mission to life. Bottom line, we help teams understand how their day-to-day actions achieve the mission and realize the vision.

In a nutshell:

  • Strategic and Operational Plans help organizations focus on fulfilling their mission with maximum efficiency and impact. Our planning processes examine the changing environment and help you make informed projections about the realities facing your organization. You will get help clarifying your mission, vision, and strategic pillars, and articulating specific goals, objectives, action items, and resources needed to accomplish them. We will set you up to ensure you have a clear focus with all your resources aligned towards achieving your mission.
  • Business Plans focus on the actions and investment necessary to generate the income or impact desired. Derived from your strategic plan, a business plan includes information about your organization’s products/services, competition, and revenue projections. Our process takes visionary ideas and creates the foundation for a comprehensive business plan that promises to lead to results.
  • Implementation Analysis and Course Correction are often overlooked by busy organizations who are stretched thin. Lots of time and money is spent creating a strategic plan, and yet many are shelved and rarely implemented effectively. In fact, research shows that 9 out of 10 organizations fail to implement their strategic plan. We have come to believe that the implementation of the plan is more important than the creation of it. Yet, experience shows that the greatest amount of effort is exhausted at the front end in creating the process. Let us help track your metrics, allocation of resources, and analyze the impact of your plans’ implementation. We will even report to your organization’s Executive Leadership Team or Board of Directors on a regular basis, offering course correction advice and guidance when appropriate.
  • For our nonprofit clients, Fundraising Plans can help your organization better understand the philanthropic environment. Funders have different needs and requirements, all of which can be time consuming to collect, but without which the chance of writing successful grants or proposals is slim. Individuals give for different reasons and finding them can be challenging. Corporate giving is an entirely different beast itself. We help parse the current opportunities available and create a plan of action for well-balanced philanthropic giving. Ultimately your organization will have diversified funding streams, allowing your staff to spend more time on execution and less time fundraising.

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