Executive Work


Let’s face it, executives are short on time and need thought partners, coaches, and an extra set of hands. You might be struggling with your board, your team, your stakeholder, or your funders. We know executives have the power to create amazing teams and run extraordinary organizations. We help you get through the muck to lead your organization forward strategically.

In a nutshell:

  • Evaluations are often dreaded or even not preformed. Yet they are critical to understanding what is, and isn’t, going well. Leaders need feedback and one of the best tools in which to provide that feedback is through an evaluation process. We believe that executives need both qualitative and quantitative data from a variety of sources. Including perspectives from peers, direct reports, staff, customers or members, partner organizations, board members, funders, and even stakeholders can do nothing but give a deeper and more comprehensive look into the strengths and areas of improvement for both the executive and the organization as a whole. We work to provide strategies to improve leadership’s effectiveness, which can be put into action immediately.
  • Executive Coaching is hot right now, but we aren’t just jumping on this bandwagon, we actually believe in it. Think of it like a combination of therapy, weight lifting, and goal setting all rolled into one huge professional development opportunity. We have been in your shoes and have worked with enough executives to know the challenges you face. Good coaches are able to help you identify areas you want to work on, hold you accountable to growth, and are the cheerleader on your shoulder as you become a stronger leader. Ever use a personal trainer to lose weight and gain strength? Why wouldn’t you do this for your professional health also?

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